Here you will find all free downloads. The software updates and licenses are in the client area.

EASY-ROB Geo Assist

EASY-ROB™ Geo Assist is a tool to import the neutral 3D data format STEP and to convert it to the triangulated format IGP and STL.

EASY-ROB Geo Assist

Operation References

Operation References – How to use EASY-ROB™
EASY-ROB Operation References
Special Functions & PlugIns
EASY-ROB Operation References Functions & Plugins


ERCL – EASY-ROB™ Command Language


ERPL/ERCL – Examples

The following examples will demonstrate how to use the ERPL- and ERCL language commands.
Unpack zip file and load work cells from folder “/Proj_example_erpl”.
This can be done as well with the EASY-ROB™ DEMO


Below Zip file contains all EASY-ROB™ update descriptions, the Trainlib Tutorial and Operation References as Pdf files, as well as the EASY-ROB™ Index to quickly find the information you are looking for.
The numbers in each column indicate the page number in the document or chapter.
Just unpack the zip file.

ERC Searcher

The ERC Command Searcher will support the user to search for a specific ERC command in the example library “Proj_example_erpl”.
Unzip the Zip-file and place the executable “easyrob-erc-command-searcher.exe” in the folder “./Proj_example_erpl”.


The Training library and the Tutorial will support the user on the first steps in EASY-ROB from an empty workcell to the simulation.



Library with examples from different applications like welding, spotwelding, handling, painting, cutting, NC and press simulation.

AutoPath™ Example

VRML Examples

The examples will demonstrate how to import VRML II,97-files into EASY-ROB™ and how to optimize them to get a good performance in the simulation.
The import of VRML II,97-files from the CAD systems CATIA, ProEngineer, Solid Works and Solid Edge are described in detail.

CAD-Import Examples

Four CAD examples in Step, Iges, Vrml and JT-Open format are converted into the IGP format using
EASY-ROB™ CAD Data Import option.


WIBU-KEY Runtime-Kit V6.40
wkruntime32.exe (Win 32/x86)
wkruntime64.exe (Win 64 /x64)
Latest driver available on the WIBU-SYSTEMS Websites

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables