EASY-ROB™ Collision

Collision Detection of 3D Objects

The high-performance EASY-ROB™ Collision is used for integration into technology-based software applications. Quickly and accurately check your 3D application for collisions-

It doesn‘t matter how big your models are, you can rely on EASY-ROB™ Collision!

More than 1000 times in use–

Now finally free available! Thanks to the open software architecture EROSA, EASY-ROB™ Collision is now available.

Application possibilities

  • Animation and simulation
  • Motion planning
  • Assembly tests
  • Offline programming
  • Measurement protocols
  • Virtual Prototyping
  • Surgical simulation
  • Haptic rendering
  • Molecular design
  • Industry-independent


  • Including various calculation methods
  • High performance with low hardware requirements
  • Threadsafe
  • Easy integration into technology-driven software solutions
  • Available for Windows® 32- and 64-Bit

Various Calculation methods

  • Collision Detection
  • Clearance
  • Distance

Hierarchical representation

Intelligent and fast with OBBTree-Tight-Fitting


Parallel collision test safe on multi-core CPU


C/C++ and C# Method class ERColl_CAPI


Method class for math. calculations, e.g. of homogeneous matrices

Collision Detection

  • Method of whether two triangulated models collide
  • Collision detection according to the first colliding triangle pair
  • Calculation of all colliding triangle pairs


Checks if two models are closer or further than a defined tolerance distance


  • Calculates the smallest Euclidean distance between two non colliding models and
  • The 2 closest points on the models


  • Detailed doxygen documentation
  • Programming examples for MS Visual Studio® C/C++ und C#


Support for individual integration

System requirements

Windows® 10 64-Bit