License types

EASY-ROB ™ products are copy protected and require a licensing.

The following methods are available:

  • WIBU key dongle
  • License Manager
  • Hardware Number
  • Custom (on request)

WibuKey USB dongle

The WibuKey dongle has a unique identification number. The license file “license.dat” licenses EASY-ROB™ for this dongle. If you use another computer, just insert the dongle*.

*) The installation of the dongle driver must be done once on each computer.

License Manager

Floating license program, to organize and administer multiple EASY-ROB™ licenses by a license-server under Windows®. The license manager allows the start of EASY-ROB™ from any computer in the local net.

The license for the license manager can be based on a hardware number or WIBU-KEY Dongle.

Hardware Number

Each computer is identified by its unique so-called hardware number (HwNr).

The license file “license.dat” licenses EASY-ROB™ for exactly this computer.


As a service, the EASY-ROB Software GmbH also offers that the EASY-ROB™ software modules are copy protected via your own licensing mechanism.