EASY-ROB™ Kernel

Software module for
robot simulation

You need Robotics functionality for your software?
Then the EASY-ROB™ Kernel is exactly the right solution.

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The Robotics booster for your application!

With the Kernel, you now have instandly more than 1000 robots for kinematic calculations, and a trajectory planner (motion interpolation) for PTP, SLEW, LIN, and CIRC motions. A powerful collision detection and numerous mathematical functions are also available.

The EASY-ROB™ Kernel is designed as a plug in for integration in technology-based software applications (host application) from OEM partners. Only API functions and services for the robot functionality are provided.

The host application handles 3D visualization as well as the administration of all geometries and handles of all kinematics.

Our OEM Partners have successfully integrated the kernel into their software for years.


  • Integration in technology-based software solutions
  • Bidirectional control
  • 100% Robotics know-how
  • Robot Libraries
  • Motion planning and execution
  • ToolBox for special calculations (option)
  • Collision detection with clearance (option)
  • AutoPath ™ collision-free path planning (option)
  • 3D visualization by your host application
  • Available for Windows® (x64)

Robot Libraries

The Robotics Simulation Kernel accesses the EASY-ROB™ robot libraries.

With currently more than 1000 models you are always on the safe side, no matter which robot you want to simulate in the future.

Additional advantages

  • More than 1000 modells
  • Modeling of own robots, positioners, grippers, turntables and
    special special kinematics
  • Attributes e.g. travel ranges, max. speeds and accelerations
  • Formula parser with mathematical functions
  • Numerical solution method


ABB, b+m, Comau, Denso, Dürr, Eisenmann, FANUC, Guedel, igm, Kawasaki, KUKA, Mitsubishi, Mecademic, Omron/Techman, OTC-Daihen, PKM Delta, Reis, STÄUBLI, Tricept®, Unimation, Universal Robots, YASKAWA.

Basic functionality

Trajectory planning and -execution

  • Motion types: PTP, LIN, CIRC, SLEW
  • Jerk free and phase synchronous velocity profile
  • Tool- and work piece guided movement (external TCP)
  • Synchronization with external axes
  • Track motion (LVA), conveyor tracking
  • Paint shops, tracking windows
  • ToolPath (trajectory) definition
  • Automatic reduction of speed, due to singularity
  • Cycle time estimation


  • Detailed Doxygen documentation
  • Method class ERK_CAPI
  • Programming examples: Kinematics, Interpolation, ToolPath, Post Processor, AutoPath™ and Collision
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio C++ development environment

ERK Interpolation/Trajectory Planner

The ERK Trajectory Planner allows to set a target position with SET_NEXT_TARGET for each loaded kinematic, which is then accessed by cyclically calling GET_NEXT_STEP.

Furthermore, any ToolPathes that contain any targets with motion attributes such as motion type, speed, acceleration, job data, external axis values, etc. can be generated.

Finally the Post-Processor creates a program for the robot

Supplementary modules for the Kernel

Extend the functionality of your Kernel thanks to the modular design of our software.

Collision-free path planning

Collision detection of 3D objects

Create individual post processors

3D-PDF Export SDK
The entire 3D simulation with animation in just one PDF document

ERK ToolBox

Calculation of the external axis values of ToolPath targets for 1 or 2-axis positioners or for tracking axis depending on defined constraints, e.g. regarding the tool orientation.

Individual adjustments and extensions of the ToolBox functionality after agreement and clarification of the technical requirements possible.

ERK Post-Process

Application Program Interface (API) for creating individual post-processors that generate a program for the robot/controller from the simulated and verified ToolPath.


The number of robots and / or kinematics is not limited.

ERK Positioner

Synchronized movements with external positioner

ERK Trackmotion

Synchronized movements with external tracking axis

ERK Conveyor

Synchronized movement with a conveyor

ERK External TCP

Workpiece-guiding movements with an external TCP

ERK Tracking Window

Part Detect, Boundary UP / Down for painting applications