Your complete 3D simulation with animation in only one PDF document

Use the new EASY-ROB™ 3D-PDF Export plug-in and create a PDF document of your simulation within a few steps.

New development!

Share easily and conveniently your simulation ideas with customers, partners and colleagues

  • No further software is needed only the Adobe® Reader
  • Different from usual movie files you can change the perspective afterwards using the Adobe® Reader

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  • Quick and easy presentation to third parties
  • Disclosure of interactive simulation concepts
  • Installation and maintenance instructions
  • Documentation of difficult information
  • Universal education and training material
  • Interactive sales documentation for a improved understanding at customers


  • Recording of a complete simulation or single 3D scenes in one PDF document
  • Convenient navigation through the animated 3D scene in the Adobe® Reader
  • Full control of the motion sequence: Start, pause, stop, fast forward and rewind
  • Decelerating and accelerating the simulation speed
  • Labels to select individual simulation sections
  • Show or hide individual components and devices (robots, grippers etc.)
  • Changing the parts render mode e.g. to visualize collisions
  • Add dimensions and comments
  • Add several pictures e.g. for your brand logo (CI)
  • Free positioning and scaling of the OpenGL scene (layout)
  • Template management for administration of layouts

Plug-In variants

  • Available as an option for Kernel, Framework and App
  • A dialog box (start, pause, stop) will be automatically added to the created PDF document
  • Flexible control by ERCL commands
  • ER_CAPI, API-functions (C/C++)
  • Also available as a SDK for integration in your own software


  • Kernel, Framework und App: available for v7.6 (or higher)
  • Only the Adobe® Reader is necessary
  • To ensure a proper operation, at least the use of Adobe Reader Version XI (11.0.10) is recommended