EASY-ROB™ AutoPath™

Collision-free path planning

EASY-ROB™ AutoPath creates collision-free paths. The automatic calculation greatly simplifies the work of the operator –

And also brings to your software
Industry 4.0!

After geometric conditions are met, the collision check is performed.
Further information on EASY-ROB™ Collision can be found in the corresponding flyer

Application Possibilities

  • Industrial robots
  • Service robots
  • Animation and simulation
  • Motion planning
  • Assembly tests
  • Offline programming
  • Measurement protocols
  • Autonomous driving
  • Industry-independent


  • Automatic calculation of WayPoints and axis configurations
  • Callback functions
  • Easy integration into technology driven software solutions
  • API available

Automatic calculation of WayPoints

  • Due to the automatic calculation of WayPoints obstacles are going to be avoided
  • with a sophisticated RRT search algorithm

Callback functions

  • Cartesian Space
  • Collision
  • Tube Constraints
  • Travel Ranges
  • Let your individual constraints be taken into account

Calculation of axis configurations

also supplies the axis configuration for each WayPoint


C/C++ and C# Method class ERAuto_CAPI

Specification of travel ranges

Axis constraints for the travel ranges can be defined via API


  • Detailed doxygen documentation
  • Programming examples for MS Visual Studio® C/C++ und C#


Support for individual integration

System requirements

Windows® 10 64-Bit