EASY-ROB™ stands for 20 years of experience in robot simulation.

With our smart modules you increase the competitiveness of your software considerably. With our many years of knowledge about the integration into technology-based offline programming systems you shorten the time to market entry decisively for yourself.

Let your application benefit from EASY-ROB™.

EASY-ROB™ – smart software for smart robotics

EASY-ROB™ is a harmonized family of software modules for planning, programming and simulation of a wide range of industrial robots and kinematics. With EASY-ROB™, you can plan your robot work cells on the PC, check accessibility, collisions, traveling ranges, estimate cycle times, and thus increase planning security and significantly shorten commissioning times.

To meet your individual needs, EROSA (EASY-ROB™ Open Software Architecture) provides a powerful programming interface (API) that allows you to customize EASY-ROB™ products to your specific needs. In addition to EASY-ROB™ products, the EASY-ROB Software GmbH offers its many years of experience in software development, simulation and robotics.

EASY-ROB™ is available in different versions:


For software development without visualization

The EASY-ROB™ Kernel is designed for integration in technology-based software applications (host application) from OEM partners. Only API functions and services for the robot functionality are provided.


For software development with visualization

The EASY-ROB™ Framework (ERF) is an SDK designed to develop technology-based software applications for OEM partners. By using API functions, the Famework can be fully controlled.


For end users with visualization

The EASY-ROB™ App (ERA) serves all your virtual process steps and is intended for end users with end-to-end support in simulation creation: from planning the robot’s work cell, to checking travel ranges, to presentation.


Our modules are part of the various products, but can also be purchased separately and integrated into your system.

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