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The Robotics Simulation Kernel offers immediately more than 1000 kinematics, robots and devices for kinematics calculations, as well as trajectory planning (motion interpolation) for different motion types such as PTP-, SLEW-, LIN- and CIRC-movements. A powerful collision detection is available as well. Additionally functions for some useful math calculation are supplied.

The purpose of the EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel is to be integrated in technology based software application (host application) developed by OEM Partners. This kernel provides API-functions and services for complete robotics functionality. The host application is in charge for the 3D visualization and the administration of all geometries and handles of all kinematics. The EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel supplies a handle for every loaded kinematics.


The EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel provides mathematics, kinematics and trajectory planner capabilities, as well as algorithms for collision detection.

Robot Kinematics

Robot Trajectory planning and -execution

Collision Detection


Application Programming Interface (API)

The API-Functions and methods respectively services are ajar to the RRS-interface description Realistic Robot Simulation (RRS).
This API is available in two version. The first original version provides Standard ANSI-C compatible functions. The second version wraps these functions and exports the method class ERK_CAPI, which gives a better structure and is easier to use. We recommend Microsoft® Visual Studio C++. Other compilers are possible as well.

The EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel is available on windows x86, x64 and on Linux.
To work with the original version, the below two header files are required

They declare data types and interface functions supplied with this Kernel and for usages in the host application. The exported functions are also available in the module definition file (EasySimKernel.def).

To work with the the method class ERK_CAPI, the below two header files are required

class ERK_CAPI

A Method class containing all other ERK_CAPI_* classes
The main class ERK_CAPI is sub-divided in following classes


A Method class to administrate the EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel


A Method class to create, attach, update devices, for kinematics calculations and for trajectory-planning and -execution


A Method class kinematics and transformations


A Method class for trajectory planning and -execution


A Method class for tool path definition


A Method class for simulation settings


A Method class for paths and tags


A Method class to handle 3D Geometry Data


A Method class for mathematical calculations, simulation status, units

Information and Support

Web: EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel
Email: support@easy-rob.com

OEM Products

Below OEM Partners have implemented the EASY-ROB™ Robotics Simulation Kernel into their technology based software products. Some other customers use the kernel for miscellaneous application.


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