Your entry into the world of robot simulation

Software for users.
Benefit from 20 years of user experience and experience
far more than 1000 robot models!

The EASY-ROB™ App handles all your virtual process steps and is intended for end users with end-to-end simulation support.

From the planning of the robot work cell to the checking of accessibility, collisions and travel ranges, to the cycle time estimation and program generation.

The EASY-ROB™ App is available in two versions: Simulate & Professional.

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3 robots included

  • Visualization
  • Collision detection
  • Import 3D data
  • Multi-Robot version
  • Free online training
  • WibuKey: flexible licensing
  • Presentation via 3D-PDF with animation


Access to entire Robot Libraries

  • More than 1000 different models
  • Individually customizable
  • Scalable by a great number of options e.g. AutoPath™
  • Visualization
  • Collision detection
  • Import 3D data
  • Single or Multi-Robot
  • Individual training
  • Many licensing methods e.g. floating license

Features & Functions

Robot Libraries


ABB, b+m, Comau, Denso, Dürr, Eisenmann, FANUC, Guedel, igm, Kawasaki, KUKA, Mitsubishi, Mecademic, Omron/Techman, OTC-Daihen, PKM Delta, Reis, STÄUBLI, Tricept®, Unimation, Universal Robots, YASKAWA.

Additional advantages

  • Modeling of own robots, positioners, grippers, turntables and special kinematics.
  • Attributes e.g. travel ranges, max. speeds and accelerations.
  • Formula parser with mathematical functions.
  • Numerical solution method for inverse kinematics with special kinematics.


The number of robots and programs per work cell is not limited.

Robots can be synchronized and moved at the same time, whereby the programs communicate via I/O signals.

EASY-ROB™ Multi-Robot version offers the full range of functionality.

  • The number of robots per work cell is not limited. Kinematics such as grippers, positioners and/or feed units can be loaded, linked and simulated as often as required.
  • With Multi-Robot, multiple robots and kinematics can be synchronized and moved simultaneously, with the programs communicating via I/O signals.

Simulation – programming the work cell

  • ERPL EASY-ROB™ Program Language
    Language with robot commands for generating the sequence programs. Digital signals and variables for program synchronization. Formula parser with mathematical functions
  • ERCL EASY-ROB™ Command Language
    Language with simulation commands such as switching on the collision, the Tcp track, etc.
  • History diagram
    Detailed logging with graphical display for evaluation and documentation of the simulation results. Export as jpg or bmp file
  • Camera Function
    Any positioning of a camera in the work cell for individual viewing from different perspectives

Project management

  • Device Manager
    Management of kinematics, components, devices and tools, which are stored as an image with textual short description.
  • Project Manager
    Database with visualization for customer or project-related archiving of work cells.

Layout planning

  • Create paths that contain an unlimited number of target points (TAG points). Paths can be linked to geometries and / or kinematics. This defines the process. The kinematics and devices are then optimally positioned.
  • Quick exchange of robots and kinematics
  • Monitoring of accessibility, travel ranges, speeds and accelerations
  • Hierarchical collision detection with clearance functions
  • Individual measuring functions – distance and circular measurement

3D PDF export

The entire 3D simulation with animation in just one PDF document

Take advantage of the new EASY-ROB ™ 3D PDF export and create an animated PDF document of your simulation process in just a few steps.

Also available as SDK:
Integrate functions required in your technology-based software via C / C ++ and C # method class.


Creation of video files (AVI) and animated VRML sequences

Optionally available: RunTime
For the production of protected working cells. Thereby you can load and simulate existing work cells with the free EASY-ROB™ Viewer for example for presentation purposes.

Operation and Licensing

  • Intuitive user interface
  • ERC Searcher
    Simple search function of EASY-ROB ™ program commands in already created projects
  • EASY-ROB™ can be started any number of times on a PC
  • Hardware-related licensing procedure (PC-bound)
    Optional WIBU-KEY USB dongle *)
  • PC-independent licensing procedure
    Optionally available: License Manager *)
    to manage and release existing licenses

CAD data import and export

  • Modeling simple parametrizable 3D geometries, e.g. cube, ball, cone, cylinder
  • Standard CAD data import
    IGP / STL ascii and binary / 3DS / VRML I + II, 97
  • CAD data standard export
    STL binary, VRML II, 97 and IGP part file
  • Optional CAD data import *)
    Neutral interfaces: STEP

System requirements

EASY-ROB™ runs on standard laptops and PCs under Windows® 7 and 10. We recommend Windows® Professional Ultimate & Enterprise.
A graphics adapter  (min. OpenGL 2.0) with dedicated memory is recommended.

Additional software modules

Extend the functionality of your App thanks to the modular design of our software.

Collision-free path planning

Creates individual post processors


API-KIN Kinematics

API-DYN Dynamic

API-IPO Motion Planner