EASY-ROB™ Framework

Software module for
robot simulation

with visualization

The EASY-ROB™ Framework (ERF) is an SDK designed to develop technology-based software applications for
OEM partners.

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By using API-functions or exported methods class ER_CAPI you can access bidirectional the EASY-ROB™ Framework.

The EASY-ROB™ Framework starts as an OpenGL™ window without a title, menu, toolbars and status bar and can be placed anywhere within the own application with the window handles.

Existing work cells, robots, devices, assemblies, tools, etc. can be loaded, linked and controlled via the API. The user has all the robot functionality at his disposal.

If a collision is detected during the simulation or if traversing ranges or speeds are exceeded, EASY-ROB ™ reports these events to the user application, which can react accordingly.

Our OEM Partners have successfully integrated the framework into their software for years.


  • Integration in technology-based software solutions
  • Bidirectional control
  • 100% robotics know-how
  • Collision detection with tolerance
  • AutoPath™ collision-free path planning (option)
  • Placement of the OpenGL ™ window
  • Available on Windows® (x64)

Robot Libraries

The Framework accesses the EASY-ROB™ robot libraries.

With currently more than 1000 models you are always on the safe side, no matter which robot you want to simulate in the future.

Additional advantages

  • More than 1000 modells
  • Modeling of own robots, positioners, grippers, turntables and
    special special kinematics
  • Attributes e.g. travel ranges, max. speeds and accelerations
  • Formula parser with mathematical functions
  • Numerical solution method


ABB, b+m, Comau, Denso, Dürr, Eisenmann, FANUC, Guedel, igm, Kawasaki, KUKA, Mitsubishi, Mecademic, Omron/Techman, OTC-Daihen, PKM Delta, Reis, STÄUBLI, Tricept®, Unimation, Universal Robots, YASKAWA.


  • Motion types: PTP, LIN, CIRC, SLEW
  • Jerk free and phase synchronous velocity profile
  • Tool- and work piece guided movement (external TCP)
  • Cycle time estimation


  • Detailed Doxygen documentation
  • Method class ER_CAPI
  • Programming examples: kinematics, interpolation and verifikation
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio C++ compiler development environment


With the aid of the API-Sensors interface you can connect external devices e.g. as a SpaceMouse or digitizers directly to EASY-ROB™ for recording joint values and Cartesian positions for visualization.


Collision Detection of 3D Objects

The high-performance EASY-ROB™ Collision is used for integration into technology-based software applications. Quickly and accurately check your 3D application for collisions-

It doesn‘t matter how big your models are, you can rely on EASY-ROB™ Collision!


3D Visualization for Industry

The powerful EASY-ROB™ VISU is designed for integration into technology-based software applications. Finally, visualize processes, display problems, or just let your customers and colleagues see the new project-

With EASY-ROB™ VISU, Industry 4.0 starts in your own software solution!

Additional software modules

Extend the functionality of your Framework thanks to the modular design of our software.

Collision-free path planning

Create individual post processors

3D-PDF export
The entire 3D simulation with animation in just one PDF document


API-KIN Kinematics

API-DYN Dynamic

API-IPO Motion Planner