Software modules for your technology-based OLP software

EASY-ROB™ Kernel (ERK)

Without visualization

If you already have your own visualization and are looking for professional robotics. Then the EASY-ROB™ Kernel is just the solution.

The ERK is the Robotics booster for your application!

EASY-ROB™ Framework

With visualization

If you are looking for a powerful visualization for your application in addition to a robot simulation, then the EASY-ROB ™ Framework is the right solution, because it provides both for an individual, user-specific customization!

The Framework offers everything for your own OLP software!


  • Robot work cell layout planning
  • Checking of reachability, collisions and travel ranges
  • Cycle time analysis and estimations
  • Offline programming
  • Sales assistance
  • Training and education
  • Feasibility studies for the development of new machine concepts
  • Individual product customization (API – Application Program Interface)
  • Integration of own mathematic procedures and solutions (API)


The use of the software does not require exceptional high-end equipment. The program package is tailored for use on standard Windows® PCs.
The program is available as 32- and 64-bit Dll under Microsoft Windows and uses the OpenGL graphics library.


Our software modules can also be purchased separately, independent of the main products of the Product Suite.

This is possible thanks to our open system architecture EROSA-
You benefit from one of the widest ranges of flexible and powerful software modules for robot simulation.