EASY-ROB™ Kernel  v8.603
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ERK_CAPI_SIM Class Reference

Method class for simulation settings. More...

#include <erk_capi.h>

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Static Public Attributes

static ERK_CAPI_SIM_COLLISION erk_capi_sim_collision
 Method class for collision, tolerances, etc. More...
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static ERK_CAPI_ADMIN erk_capi_admin
 Method class to administrate this Robotics Simulation Kernel. More...
static ERK_CAPI_DEVICES erk_capi_devices
 Method class to create, attach, update devices, for kinematics calculations and for motion planning and -execution. More...
static ERK_CAPI_SIM erk_capi_sim
 Method class for simulation settings. More...
static ERK_CAPI_AUTOPATH erk_capi_autopath
 Method class for collision free path planning. More...
static ERK_CAPI_TARGETS erk_capi_targets
 Method class for paths and tags. More...
static ERK_CAPI_GEO erk_capi_geo
 Method class to handle 3D Geometry Data. More...
static ERK_CAPI_SYS erk_capi_sys
 Method class for mathematical calculations, simulation status, units. More...

Detailed Description

Method class for simulation settings.

Member Data Documentation

◆ erk_capi_sim_collision

ERK_CAPI_SIM_COLLISION ERK_CAPI_SIM::erk_capi_sim_collision

Method class for collision, tolerances, etc.

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