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Method class for the CAD-Preview. More...

#include <ER_CAPI.H>

Inheritance diagram for ER_CAPI_SYS_PREVIEW:

Static Public Member Functions

static ER_DllExport int UnloadCADPreview (int confirm=1)
 Unload the geometry in the CAD Preview. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from ER_CAPI_SYS
static ER_CAPI_SYS_UTILITIES er_capi_sys_utilities
 Method class for helping functions, color conversion, etc. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_MATHEMATICS er_capi_sys_mathematics
 Method class for mathematical calculations, multiplications of homogeneous matrices, conversion Euler angle, triangle calculations, formula parser, etc. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_VIEW er_capi_sys_view
 Method class for graphical update of the 3D scene, refreshing dialogs, etc. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_PREVIEW er_capi_sys_preview
 Method class for the CAD-Preview. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_STATUS er_capi_sys_status
 Method class for unloading objects (work cells, robots, tools, programs, etc.) simulation status. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_UNITS er_capi_sys_units
 Method class for setting and calculating units. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_USERDLL er_capi_sys_userdll
 Method class to access API UserDll. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS_APIDLL er_capi_sys_apidll
 Method class to access API Dll for inverse kinematics, robot trajectory planner and robot dynamics. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ER_CAPI
static ER_CAPI_USER_IO er_capi_user_io
 Method class for interaction with EASY-ROB. More...
static ER_CAPI_DEVICES er_capi_devices
 Method class to create, attach, update devices, for kinematics calculations and for trajectory planning and -execution. More...
static ER_CAPI_SIM er_capi_sim
 Method class for simulation settings. More...
static ER_CAPI_TARGETS er_capi_targets
 Method class for paths and tags. More...
static ER_CAPI_CAD er_capi_cad
 Method class for for 3D CAD Data import and -export, changing attributes and positions. More...
static ER_CAPI_SYS er_capi_sys
 Method class for mathematical calculations, simulation status, units. More...

Detailed Description

Method class for the CAD-Preview.

Member Function Documentation

static ER_DllExport int ER_CAPI_SYS_PREVIEW::UnloadCADPreview ( int  confirm = 1)

Unload the geometry in the CAD Preview.

[in]confirm0 - suppress message, 1-show message in a dialog to be confirmed
Return values
0- OK
1- No Geometry unloaded

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