EASY-ROB™ Kernel  v8.307
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1 /*
2  EASY-ROB Robotics Simulation Kernel
4  EASY-ROB Software GmbH
6  Copyright (c) 1996 - 2021
8  Date: JUL 2021
9  Version: 8.307
11  Header file
12  erk_capi_definitions.h
14  Autor
15  EASY-ROB Software GmbH
16 */
18 #pragma once
20 /*
21 // The usage of below definitions is optional, but recommended for a better support by EASY-ROB
22 //#include "erk_capi_types.h"
23 //#ifdef DLLAPI
24 //#undef DLLAPI
25 //#endif
26 //#define DLLAPI
27 //#include "erk_capi.h"
28 */
31 // main class
32 //
33 static ERK_CAPI erk_capi; // 0 CAPI
36 // class ERK_CAPI // 0 ADMIN
37 //
40 static ERK_CAPI_SIM erk_sim; // 3.
43 static ERK_CAPI_GEO erk_geo; // 6.
44 static ERK_CAPI_SYS erk_sys; // 7.
47 // class ERK_CAPI_ADMIN // 1. ADMIN
48 //
52 // class ERK_CAPI_DEVICES // 2. DEVICES
53 //
54 static ERK_CAPI_ROB erk_rob; // 2.1.
55 static ERK_CAPI_MOP erk_mop; // 2.2.
59 // class ERK_CAPI_ROB // 2.1 ROB
60 //
61 static ERK_CAPI_ROB_KIN erk_rob_kin; // 2.1.1
66 // class ERK_CAPI_MOP // 2.2 MOP
67 //
75 //
92 // class ERK_CAPI_SIM // 3. SIM
93 //
98 //
101 // class ERK_CAPI_TARGETS // 5. TARGETS
102 //
105 // class ERK_CAPI_GEO // 6. GEO
106 //
110 // class ERK_CAPI_SYS // 7. SYS
111 //
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_EXTAX_CONVEYOR erk_toolpath_extax_conveyor
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:86
Method class for motion execution.
Definition: erk_capi.h:3699
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_ATTRIBUTES_AUX erk_toolpath_attributes_aux
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:79
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_APIPP erk_toolpath_apipp
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:88
static ERK_CAPI_GEO erk_geo
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:43
brief Method class to specify a joint motion for target location
Definition: erk_capi.h:5059
static ERK_CAPI_TARGETS erk_targets
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:42
static ERK_CAPI_MOP_DATA erk_mop_data
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:68
static ERK_CAPI_MOP_PREP erk_mop_prep
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:70
static ERK_CAPI_DEVICES erk_devices
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:39
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_EXTAX_TRACKMOTION erk_toolpath_extax_trackmotion
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:84
static ERK_CAPI_SIM erk_sim
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:40
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_MOVE_CP erk_toolpath_move_cp
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:82
Method class to set and get Instructions for target locations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:4632
Method class for motion execution.
Definition: erk_capi.h:5690
Method class to set and get tool path motion attributes for target locations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:4700
Method class to create, unload and specify target locations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:4357
static ERK_CAPI_ROB erk_rob
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:54
Method class for motion planning and -execution.
Definition: erk_capi.h:2597
static ERK_CAPI_MOP_EXEC erk_mop_exec
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:71
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_INSTRUCTIONS erk_toolpath_instructions
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:78
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_EXTAX_POSITIONER erk_toolpath_extax_positioner
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:85
static ERK_CAPI_ADMIN erk_admin
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:38
Method class for tool path definition.
Definition: erk_capi.h:3805
static ERK_CAPI_CALLBACKS erk_capi_callback
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:49
Method class for start-, target data, motion time, etc.
Definition: erk_capi.h:2811
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_CREATE erk_toolpath_create
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:89
Method class for Callback functions.
Definition: erk_capi.h:272
Method class forward-, Inverse kinematics, desired robot joints, tools, position w.r.t. world and reference system.
Definition: erk_capi.h:836
Method class API for forward- and Inverse kinematics.
Definition: erk_capi.h:1642
Method class for collision, tolerances, etc.
Definition: erk_capi.h:5722
Method for collision free path planning.
Definition: erk_capi.h:6351
brief Method class to specify external axis data for a positioner for target location ...
Definition: erk_capi.h:5415
Method for post processing, creating a robot program for a tool path.
Definition: erk_capi.h:5642
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_TOOLBOX erk_toolpath_toolbox
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:87
static ERK_CAPI_MOP erk_mop
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:55
static ERK_CAPI_ROB_KIN erk_rob_kin
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:61
Method class to create, attach, update devices, for kinematics calculations and for motion planning a...
Definition: erk_capi.h:399
brief Method class to access motion execution data at target
Definition: erk_capi.h:5240
static ERK_CAPI_ROB_ATRIBUTES erk_rob_attributes
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:62
Method class to set and get tool path motion header data for target locations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:4578
Definition: erk_capi.h:1987
Method class to handle 3D Geometry Data.
Definition: erk_capi.h:6733
brief Method class to specify external axis data for a track/slider-motion for target location ...
Definition: erk_capi.h:5312
Method class containing all other ERK_CAPI_* classes.
Definition: erk_capi.h:113
brief Method class to specify a cp motion for target location
Definition: erk_capi.h:5145
static ERK_CAPI_ROB_KIN_API erk_rob_kin_api
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:63
static ERK_CAPI erk_capi
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:33
Method class for paths and tags.
Definition: erk_capi.h:6721
static ERK_CAPI_GEO_MNGR erk_geo_mngr
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:107
Method class for mathematical calculations, multiplications of homogeneous matrices, conversion Euler angle, triangle calculations, formula parser, etc.
Definition: erk_capi.h:7020
Method class for simulation settings.
Definition: erk_capi.h:5708
static ERK_CAPI_MOP_PATH erk_mop_path
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:69
brief Method class to specify external axis data for a conveyor for target location ...
Definition: erk_capi.h:5528
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_MOTION_EXEC erk_toolpath_motion_exec
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:83
Method class kinematics and transformations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:812
static ERK_CAPI_SYS_MATHEMATICS erk_sys_mathematics
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:113
Method class for miscellaneous tool path calculations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:5623
Method class for mathematical calculations, simulation status, units.
Definition: erk_capi.h:6991
Method class to administrate this Robotics Simulation Kernel.
Definition: erk_capi.h:154
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_TARGETS erk_toolpath_targets
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:76
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_ATTRIBUTES erk_toolpath_attributes
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:80
static ERK_CAPI_AUTOPATH erk_autopath
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:41
static ERK_CAPI_SYS_UTILITIES erk_sys_utilities
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:112
Method class to access geometry manager 'GeoMngr' methods.
Definition: erk_capi.h:6761
static ERK_CAPI_SYS erk_sys
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:44
Method class for motion planning (preparation)
Definition: erk_capi.h:3574
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_HEAD erk_toolpath_head
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:77
static ERK_CAPI_SIM_COLLISION erk_sim_collision
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:94
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_MOVE_JOINT erk_toolpath_move_joint
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:81
static ERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH erk_toolpath
Definition: erk_capi_definitions.h:56
Method class for helping functions, color conversion, etc.
Definition: erk_capi.h:7009
Method class to set and get tool path auxiliary motion attributes for target locations.
Definition: erk_capi.h:4685
Method class for path specifications, motion type (PTP, LIN, CIRC), speeds, acceleration, waiting time, etc.
Definition: erk_capi.h:3110