EASY-ROB™ Kernel  v8.307
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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
oCCURRENT_STEP_DATAContains additional desired data for current interpolation step
Usage with erGetCurrentStepData() after successfully calling of erGET_NEXT_STEP()
oCDFRAMEHomogeneous 4x4 transformation matrix, a Frame
with 3x3 orthogonal noa-matrix (n = o x a) and 3x1 position vector. The last row is per default [0 0 0 1]
oCER_CollideResultCollision results for query ER_COLL_QUERY_TYPE_COLLIDE, see erColl_GetResults_Collide()
oCER_CollisionPairA pair of two colliding triangles, see erColl_GetResults_Collide()
oCER_DistanceResultCollision results for query ER_COLL_QUERY_TYPE_DISTANCE, see erColl_GetResults_Distance()
The following distance and points established the minimum distance for the models, within the relative and absolute error bounds specified
oCER_EXTAX_KIN_DATAExternal axis target data for connected devices belongs to structure NEXT_TARGET_DATA
oCER_ToleranceResultCollision results for query ER_COLL_QUERY_TYPE_TOLERANCE, see erColl_GetResults_Tolerance()
oCERK_CAPIMethod class containing all other ERK_CAPI_* classes
oCERK_CAPI_ADMINMethod class to administrate this Robotics Simulation Kernel
oCERK_CAPI_AUTOPATHMethod for collision free path planning
oCERK_CAPI_CALLBACKSMethod class for Callback functions
oCERK_CAPI_DEVICESMethod class to create, attach, update devices, for kinematics calculations and for motion planning and -execution
oCERK_CAPI_GEOMethod class to handle 3D Geometry Data
oCERK_CAPI_GEO_MNGRMethod class to access geometry manager 'GeoMngr' methods
oCERK_CAPI_MOPMethod class for motion planning and -execution
oCERK_CAPI_MOP_DATAMethod class for start-, target data, motion time, etc
oCERK_CAPI_MOP_EXECMethod class for motion execution
oCERK_CAPI_MOP_PATHMethod class for path specifications, motion type (PTP, LIN, CIRC), speeds, acceleration, waiting time, etc
oCERK_CAPI_MOP_PREPMethod class for motion planning (preparation)
oCERK_CAPI_ROBMethod class kinematics and transformations
oCERK_CAPI_ROB_ATTRIBUTESMethod class for robot/device attributes, travel ranges, home position, device name, ..
oCERK_CAPI_ROB_KINMethod class forward-, Inverse kinematics, desired robot joints, tools, position w.r.t. world and reference system
oCERK_CAPI_ROB_KIN_APIMethod class API for forward- and Inverse kinematics
oCERK_CAPI_SIMMethod class for simulation settings
oCERK_CAPI_SIM_COLLISIONMethod class for collision, tolerances, etc
oCERK_CAPI_SYSMethod class for mathematical calculations, simulation status, units
oCERK_CAPI_SYS_MATHEMATICSMethod class for mathematical calculations, multiplications of homogeneous matrices, conversion Euler angle, triangle calculations, formula parser, etc
oCERK_CAPI_SYS_UTILITIESMethod class for helping functions, color conversion, etc
oCERK_CAPI_TARGETSMethod class for paths and tags
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATHMethod class for tool path definition
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_APIPPMethod for post processing, creating a robot program for a tool path
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_ATTRIBUTESMethod class to set and get tool path motion attributes for target locations
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_ATTRIBUTES_AUXMethod class to set and get tool path auxiliary motion attributes for target locations
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_CREATEMethod class for motion execution
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_EXTAX_CONVEYORBrief Method class to specify external axis data for a conveyor for target location
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_EXTAX_POSITIONERBrief Method class to specify external axis data for a positioner for target location
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_EXTAX_TRACKMOTIONBrief Method class to specify external axis data for a track/slider-motion for target location
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_HEADMethod class to set and get tool path motion header data for target locations
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_INSTRUCTIONSMethod class to set and get Instructions for target locations
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_MOTION_EXECBrief Method class to access motion execution data at target
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_MOVE_CPBrief Method class to specify a cp motion for target location
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_MOVE_JOINTBrief Method class to specify a joint motion for target location
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_TARGETSMethod class to create, unload and specify target locations
oCERK_CAPI_TOOLPATH_TOOLBOXMethod class for miscellaneous tool path calculations
oCINITIAL_POSITION_DATASets the robot model to a position according to the input data.
oCLOAD_GEOMETRY_DATAGeometry data structure for callback function. Used when loading and updating robot geometries With callback function TerLoadGeometryProc() and TerUpdateGeometryProc()
oCNEXT_STEP_DATAContains desired data for next interpolation step
Usage with erGET_NEXT_STEP()
oCNEXT_TARGET_DATAContains target data for next move This structure contains all required data for the next target Usage with erSET_NEXT_TARGET()
oCNEXT_TARGET_DATA_ADVANCEContains target data for about next move "advance move" This structure contains all required data for the about next target "advance target" Usage with erSET_NEXT_TARGET()
oCTErGrpSyncDataGroup synchronization data structure Used with callback function TerGrpSyncProc()
\CTErNotifyDataNotify data structure Used with callback function TerNotifyProc()