EASY-ROB™ Application Programming Interface  v8.008
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCER_CAPIMethod class containing all other ER_CAPI_* classes
|oCER_CAPI_CADMethod class for for 3D CAD Data import and -export, changing attributes and positions
||oCER_CAPI_CAD_CONVERTMethod class for converting external neutral and native CAD formats (STEP, IGES, JT-Open, CATIA, Pro/E, and so on) into the internal IGP Part File Format
||oCER_CAPI_CAD_CREATEMethod class for creating primitive geometries such as cubes, cylinder, spheres, etc
||oCER_CAPI_CAD_IMPORTMethod class for importing existing 3D geometries (IGP, STL, 3DS)
||\CER_CAPI_CAD_IOMethod class for access to geometry parameter: Location, polygons, vertices, attributes, etc
|oCER_CAPI_DEVICESMethod class to create, attach, update devices, for kinematics calculations and for trajectory planning and -execution
||oCER_CAPI_MOPMethod class for trajectory planning and -execution and for motion planning AUTOPATH
|||oCER_CAPI_MOP_AUTOPATHMethod class for collision free path planning
|||oCER_CAPI_MOP_DATAMethod class for start-, target data, motion time, etc
|||oCER_CAPI_MOP_EXECMethod class for trajectory execution
|||oCER_CAPI_MOP_PATHMethod class for path specifications, motion type (PTP, LIN, CIRC), speeds, acceleration, waiting time, etc
|||\CER_CAPI_MOP_PREPMethod class for trajectory planning (preparation)
||\CER_CAPI_ROBMethod class kinematics and transformations
|| oCER_CAPI_ROB_DYNMethod class for dynamics, controller parameter, sampling rates
|| \CER_CAPI_ROB_KINMethod class forward-, Inverse kinematics, desired robot joints, tools, position w.r.t. world and reference system
|oCER_CAPI_SIMMethod class for simulation settings
||oCER_CAPI_SIM_CAMERAMethod class for camera settings
||oCER_CAPI_SIM_COLLISIONMethod class for collision, tolerances, etc
||oCER_CAPI_SIM_ERPLMethod class for executing ERPL- and ERCL commands
||oCER_CAPI_SIM_MONITORINGMethod class for monitoring of travel ranges, speeds, etc
||\CER_CAPI_SIM_TRACKMethod class for TCP trace, reference and visualization
|oCER_CAPI_SYSMethod class for mathematical calculations, simulation status, units
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_APIDLLMethod class to access API Dll for inverse kinematics, robot trajectory planner and robot dynamics
The Options API-INV, API-IPO and API-DYN allow the user to develop user defined dlls for inverse kinematics, robot trajectory planner and robot dynamics.
Standard naming convention
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_MATHEMATICSMethod class for mathematical calculations, multiplications of homogeneous matrices, conversion Euler angle, triangle calculations, formula parser, etc
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_PREVIEWMethod class for the CAD-Preview
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_STATUSMethod class for unloading objects (work cells, robots, tools, programs, etc.) simulation status
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_UNITSMethod class for setting and calculating units
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_USERDLLMethod class to access API UserDll
Option API UserDll allows the user to develop user defined dlls.
Each UserDll must be defined in the configuration file config.dat , see also inq_UserDll_number() and is loaded dynamically when EASY-ROB™ starts.
The UserDll must export the following three functions (OpenDialog(), ProglineUpdate(), AuxUpdate()), to allow EASY-ROB™ to communicate with the UserDll.
||oCER_CAPI_SYS_UTILITIESMethod class for helping functions, color conversion, etc
||\CER_CAPI_SYS_VIEWMethod class for graphical update of the 3D scene, refreshing dialogs, etc
|oCER_CAPI_TARGETSMethod class for paths and tags
||oCER_CAPI_TARGETS_PATHMethod class for creating, deleting and manipulating paths
||\CER_CAPI_TARGETS_TAGMethod class for manipulation of tags and access tag attributes
|\CER_CAPI_USER_IOMethod class for interaction with EASY-ROB
| oCER_CAPI_USER_IO_3DPDFMethod class for 3D Pdf Export
| oCER_CAPI_USER_IO_CRUISEMethod class to manipulate the 3D Scene
| oCER_CAPI_USER_IO_DIALOGMethod class, supplies dialogs, i.e. to enter and show values
| oCER_CAPI_USER_IO_FILEMethod class to load and save work cells-, robots-, tool-files, etc
| \CER_CAPI_USER_IO_PICKMethod class to "pick" objects such as devices, tags, polygon, vertices, measure distances, ..
oCER_CAPI_ROB_ATTRIBUTESMethod class for robot/device attributes, travel ranges, home position, device name, ..
oCFRAMEHomogeneous 4x4 transformation matrix, a Frame
with 3x3 orthogonal noa-matrix (n = o x a) and 3x1 position vector. The last row is per default [0 0 0 1]
oCROB_DHDenavit Hartenberg Parameter
T = Rot(z,theta)*Trans(z,d)*Trans(x,a)*Rot(x,alfa)